Musical Offerings

We’ve enjoyed some musical variety at church this summer, and since I played for some of the services, I thought I’d put a bit of the music up for those of you not local to Boulder to enjoy. (Not all of the pieces feature me.) Sadly, I don’t have recordings from all of the great music, but here’s what I do have. As a bit of a warning, most of the music was performed with very little rehearsal (disclaimer to cover any and all wrong notes, etc.), and all of the recordings were made with the built-in microphone on my iPod (covers balance issues and occasional sags in fidelity). The recordings from the “Touch of Jazz” service on July 22nd were made with the iPod sitting on my music stand (not the best placement it turns out), and the French piece from this morning was recorded with the iPod on the floor. The latter location worked better, but still needed a bit of equalization to get rid of a bit of excessive bottom end. I added a bit of compression to all of the recordings to help even things out as well. All things considered, most of the songs came out pretty good, but the vocals could all use a little more oomph. Maybe I can save up for one of those iPod accessory mics or a portable field reorder.

Danse pour saxophone alto en mi et piano by Darius Milhaud (1892–1974)
Dave Gribble, saxophone and Krystyna Eller, piano

Here’s One (Spiritual) Arr. Mark Hayes (1953– )
Dave Gribble, saxophone and Gladi Lefferdink, piano

Wade in the Water (Spiritual) Arr. Chuck Marohnic
Ken Eastman, Trumpet and Gladi Lefferdink, piano

Marchin’ on Up (Spiritual) Arr. Mark Hayes (1953– )
Julie Scott, Vocals; Ken Eastman, trumpet; and Gladi Lefferdink, piano

Day by Day (Spiritual) Arr. Hayes/Icenogle (1953– )
Ken Eastman, trumpet; Jan Osburn, drums; Dave Gribble, saxophone; and Gladi Lefferdink, piano

Come Sunday (Spiritual) by Duke Ellington (1899–1974)
Jan Osburn, vocals; Dave Gribble, saxophone; and Gladi Lefferdink, piano

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