Moon Shot

On Saturday, we looked up and discovered that the moon was a nice thin crescent from our yard (it probably was from your yard too). I’ve always liked thin crescent moons. It was even thinner on Friday, but I didn’t have time to get out the telescope before it disappeared behind the trees. At any rate, this time I had plenty of opportunity as the moon was a bit higher in the sky, so we all gazed through the eyepiece for a few minutes before dinner. Phoebe had a hard time getting her head in the right spot, but it was much easier when we realized we could see the moon reflecting off of her sclera. So, I just moved her around until the image was centered on her eye! Eventually she reported seeing the moon, but she was fairly nonplussed. She already knew that it was pockmarked (or so she claimed)! Once everyone had a look, I fitted up the camera and snapped a few pictures. I think this is the best of the results, but I really need a better way to compare them side by side. Neither Nikon View nor Windows Photo Viewer are particularly well suited to the task. I’m open to recommendations, but don’t want to spend a fortune on software. Enjoy!

Here’s the crescent moon from 1-17-2012. It’s a 1/60 seconds exposure at ISO 200 through the Explore Scientific AR 102 achromatic refractor at prime focus (1/f = 6.5). I converted to B&W, cropped the image, applied a little bit of unsharp mask to enhance, and adjusted the brightness and contrast a bit.

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