At Long Last!

Fans of the Gribblog can thank my mom for asking once again (politely) for photos of Benjamin. I’ve been collecting things for this post, so here it is! After Halloween, I wasn’t satisfied with the photos of the two kids together, so I dressed them back up in their costumes and took a few more photos. They were good sports, although Benjamin was a bit peeved that he had to be fussed into his pumpkin sack again.

Our “standing up pumpkin” next to our “lying down pumpkin.”
I think her costume turned out pretty well, considering my limited sewing skills.
Happy pumpkin!
Benjamin was dwarfed by his pumpkin costume.

There are few things as rewarding in life as a parent/baby snooze.

We’re tired!

I thought this photo was so cute, I took it 5 or 6 times to make sure the frame was filled by the sweater.

Comfy baby wrapped in Daddy’s sweater.

The things babies have to put up with!

Mom, I’d be more comfortable lying down!

I realized Benjamin is always on his back, so photos of his hair are rare.

Check out that dark hair…and his bald spot.

We were having some fun with the self-timer one afternoon.

Self portrait with baby.

Here she is…Miss Toddler Phoebe!

One toddler plus one sucker equals one big mess!

I suspect these will be easier to take when Benjamin is tagging behind Phoebe. Right now, she doesn’t deign to hang out near him all that often.

A rare photo of our two sweeties together.

I have the fortune of spending half my maternity leave working two days a week with Benjamin in the office with me. Nice to be back among my colleagues without having to put him in daycare yet! (He gets lots of love and walks this way.)

First desk job…two days a week in the office with Mommy.

I took so many photos of Phoebe in this thing, it’s a good thing the kiddos look so different.

Checking out the animals in the baby gym.
So cute and bright-eyed!
There’s a spoon levitating just out of the frame…
Benjamin with his new friend. The whole family has fallen in love with his octopus! (Thanks, Karen W.)

We had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. We drove to Michigan…a long trip. Very long! It took us 24 hours on the way out, mostly due to potty stops and a couple of traffic jams. Fortunately, the weather was excellent. The kids were excellent too. Lots of sleeping and no bouts of uncontrollable crying! Phoebe was awfully excited to be going to Michigan because she has a Michigan onesie (thanks to Big John, an alum). How she remembered that, I’ll never know! We arrived at Grandma and Grandpa Hoot’s house in time for dinner and spent the early evening together. Then we got back in the car to head to Jennifer and Lee’s house near Saint Joseph.

Grandpa Hoot takes a turn with the baby.
Phoebe rediscovers Grandma’s bunny.
Grandma Hoot entertaining Benjamin.
Hoot family photo: Dave, Jess, Grandma, Uncle Brian, Benjamin, Aunt Vickie, Phoebe, and Grandpa.

We had a great time at the Ott home. Phoebe is old enough to play with Alexander, so we did lots of kid-friendly activities, including the playground and the kids’ museum. We reconnected with Jennifer and Lee over wine and movies in the evenings while the kids slept (though Phoebe kept getting out of bed and calling down “what you doing, Mommy?”). Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, and I got to go to Bob Evans, my special midwestern treat.

Two guys napping.
Lee reading to the kiddos in the morning.
A little girl and her daddy.
Alexander playing Don’t Break the Ice.
Jennifer with baby Benjamin.
Kaitlynn, no pants!

Alas, the holiday ended and we had to drive home. We attended Kaitlynn’s baptism on Sunday morning, had lunch, and got on the road. It took us only 21 hours to get back, so we were able to head straight to work/daycare on Monday morning. A very successful road trip! I’ll finish up with a few random photos and videos. Then I’ll go take some more! Benjamin is growing fast–he’s at least 10 pounds now, and Phoebe rarely stops talking.

Relaxing in the carseat at Mommy’s work.
Little tongue.

Benjamin hanging out at Mommy’s work.
Phoebe likes to build herself a bed out of sofa cushions.

Grammie gave Phoebe a Cheerios cookbook; we made the chocolate chip muffins. Phoebe is wearing a sweater Grandma Hoot made. Here’s a video!

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