Cool Snow

OK, I know the title to this post is a little redundant, but yesterday while I was supposed to be working away at taxes and job leads, Jess called from work to order me to go on an little photo safari. My prey, as it were, was some of the cool snow crystals that blanketed just about every surface around Boulder County. It would have been even cooler if we’d had one of those gorgeous blue bird days we so often get following any sort of precipitation, but of course, if that had happened, the crystals would have melted off before I’d gotten out to photograph the snow anyway. Here are a few of the better shots.

Note: for those desperately awaiting Christmas pics, etc. your wait is nearly over. Keep checking back! For now, just snow. . .

The mailbox latch in front of our house.
The mailbox latch in front of our house.
A frosted shrubbery. How Pyhtonesque.
A frosted shrubbery. How Pythonesque.
02-10-2014 246
Crystals on the aspen tree in our front yard.
02-10-2014 254
More frosted foliage near Peak to Peak.
02-10-2014 253
A closeup of the shrubbery.
02-10-2014 251
A closeup of the aspen tree.
02-10-2014 248
Another shot of the aspen tree. You can see how overcast the sky was while I was shooting. Just imagine the shot with a beautiful blue sky. Maybe I’ll GIMP it (can that be a verb?) just for fun.
Some very cold looking mailboxes.
Some very cold looking mailboxes.


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