November 2018

November 10

The kids like to dance on my bed while I put my clothes away, a chore I dislike. It’s more fun with them in the background—at least until they start getting into each other’s space and arguing.

Y-M-C-A! It’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A!
Dancing to “Jock Jams” during a clothes-putting-away-dance party.

Benjamin’s school photos didn’t turn out all that well—there was a bad reflection in his glasses from the balloon lights. We took him to JC Penney’s to get new ones taken. The photographer was wonderful—she worked hard to get Benjamin to participate, and the photos turned out great. It was probably the last time this adorable vest will fit.

Handsome lad!
“Look at my mustache!”
Having a drink after suffering through a long photo session.

November 12

I peeked in the door of the nursery at church to see the kids reading to themselves just a foot apart!
Benjamin checks out a new display at Wow.

November 17

Asleep clutching a favorite library book.

November 23

Thanksgiving arrived, warm and sunny. We had plans to run the Louisville Turkey Trot, and when we decided to celebrate the holiday with the Gawenuses, they asked if Fritz could run with us. Of course we were delighted to have a friend along for Phoebe. Later in the day, Kevin and Lisa brought Fritz over for dinner; we had enough food for fifteen people, but I can’t resist making all my favorites.

Getting ready to run the Louisville Turkey Trot with Fritz. Dave and Fritz are in shorts, and I’m in capri pants! On Thanksgiving!
Phoebe and Fritz mess around on my motorcycle.
Fritz takes a turn “driving.”

November 24

Hang in there!
He’s getting to be such a big boy!
All the way to the top.
“Watch this, Mom!”
Swinging down from the ladder onto the bar.
Benjamin and I got to play on the playground by ourselves, an unusual occurrance.
Shoes off, playing the game in which he climbs up the slide, climbs down the ladder, and gets piggybacked to the bottom of the slide.
What a handsome fellow!
Having fun with Mom!
Nope…not going to sit next to you, Dad!
Got you anyway!

The floor in our front room was a disaster; the vinyl tiles were cracked, broken, and extremely faded. We finally got around to replacing them. We still used vinyl tiles, but we grouted them, so they look much fancier.

Phoebe and Fritz playing soldiers on our new floor!

November 25

I invited Phoebe along for my Saturday morning run. I always enjoy going with her, and she likes to get our on her bike.

Phoebe and I went on a run/bike ride up to Waneka Lake.
Doing a few exercises before we head home.
Yay for mother-daughter exercise!

November 26

Silly guy.
No, silly guys!
Gentlemen reading in bed.

We really like to participate in Cranksgiving, a bike race/scavenger hunt for charity that starts at Boulder Cycle Sport. You gather at the bike shop, and they give you a list of items to buy at several grocery stores in the area. It’s a race if you want it to be. We all start out together, but after a couple of grocery stores, Dave splits off to ride to the farther locations while the kids and I ride to one final shop. Benjamin rides in the Chariot, but Phoebe puts about 5 miles on her bike! The scavenger hunt part of it turns kind of cutthroat; the kids and I stood there watching as two adults grabbed the last two bags of pinto beans from under our noses at Alfalfa’s. Still, it’s a fun event, and it’s a great way to give food to those who need it without just throwing money at the problem. Afterward, Dave had to race off to jazz rehearsal, but the kids and I went to Southern Sun for beer/root beer and French fries.

Selfie in Southern Sun after Cranksgiving.

November 27

Just one example of the Friday folder reports Phoebe brings home each week. They’re usually stellar!

This is one of the less fabulous of Phoebe’s weekly reports. (I wonder where she gets all of this from?)

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