December 2017

December 2

Yes, folks, she’s actually reading to him!

December 5

Benjamin’s kindergarten class had a concert on Dave’s birthday. Happily, we were able to attend before rushing down to Denver to see the CU jazz band play the Duke Ellington/Billy Strayhorn Nutcracker Suite at Dazzle. The concert was great, although Benjamin spent a lot of time watching his classmates singing. He sings “Jingle Bells” at home all the time, though! Phoebe was our videographer for the evening.

There’s our little free spirit!
Guess whose mom didn’t get the memo about dressing in black and white?

The interior of Dazzle, a jazz supper club in Denver, where we saw Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn’s version of The Nutcracker Suite.

December 9

A beanie boo peeking out of Cherry Blaze’s window.

December 11

Phoebe and her classmates worked hard to get ready for the second-grade learning fair! Not only was there a concert, but the kids got to show all the work they did on their family history projects. Phoebe studied the Czech Republic, because there weren’t enough books on Slovakia. All the kids brought dishes from the country they studied, so the families got to attend a potluck.

The loksha Phoebe and I made for her learning fair. (A Slovak dish with homemade bread, poppy seeds, and honey.)
The second-graders getting ready for their learning fair concert.
Posing in front of her Aztec sun during the learning fair.

December 13

With my brothers and their wives, we planned a surprise anniversary party for my mom and dad’s 45th anniversary. We told them we got good tickets to fly to Cleveland, which was also true. We had a lovely time at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and the party was a wonderful surprise!

Flying to Cleveland on a very early flight.
The kids wore pajamas and took a nap on the way to Cleveland.

December 14

Playing blocks with Grandpa.
Something must be funny about those dominoes!

December 15

Grandma reading Where the Wild Things Are.
Phoebe made a straw “U”!
Benjamin made something too!

December 16

Looking at his “H.”
Nice job spelling her name.
Fish face.
Pointing at his “E.”
A 3-D “E”!
Nice job…only missed one letter.

Mom and Dad’s anniversary. The party was at Simon’s Restaurant and Delicatessen. The buffet food was excellent, and it was lovely to have so many family members and friends there.

Mom and Dad’s neighbors, me, and Melissa Canowitz.
Rita Winker, Dave, and Sandy.
Evers, Linda, Ashe, Aunt Mary Ellen, and Uncle Andrew.
The cake had a hump!
N cutting the cake.
Lee and Matt.
Matt smiles for the camera.
Mom and Dad.
Primarily Sarah.
N, Mom, Jess, Dad
Jess, Mom, N, Erin, Dad
Ashe, Linda, Matt, Evers, Lee, Uncle Andrew, Aunt Mary Ellen
Cindy, Uncle Bob, Sarah, Kathleen, Cindy Howard, Martha

December 17

Benjamin helps out with the tree.
Grandma and the kids add ornaments.
The kids and I squeeze into one chair.

December 20

Interim Principal Becky Escamilla and two emergency workers judging the Alicia Sanchez International spelling bee.
Mr. Sanchez emceeing the bee.
Great job, Noah, grade four!
When I left the school, Santa and a couple of elves were on the roof…scaring a few preschoolers into nervous breakdowns.

December 24

Merry Christmas, little guy!
A happy girl in a lovely dress!

December 25

Our budding photographer…the photo she took was probably better than the one I did.
Playing with Benjamin’s new marble run.
The kids using the snow-brick maker Santa brought.

December 26

Phoebe getting ready to cook something from her new cookbook that Grammie made.

December 27

Painting a picture of Catboy from PJ Masks.

December 30

Frost-encrusted foliage.
Frost-encrusted facial hair! I went for a run on a cold but damp morning.
Braving the cold to spend a little time at the playground.

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