January 2018

January 2

Benjamin got these really cool walking wheels for Christmas, and the kids use them all sorts of different ways, including as a platform for stuffies.

Little Lion and a bunny on Benjamin’s new walking wheels.

January 4

Benjamin’s pediatrician recommended that he do a three-hour pediatric development assessment. It was really interesting! He was assessed for an hour by a physical therapist; for another hour by an occupational therapist, speech therapist, and psychologist; and for a final hour by a pediatrician. I’ve never seen so many details about a person amassed in one place before. Through it all, he was focused and friendly. It was really a valuable experience.

Playing with the speech therapists while the psychologist takes notes.

January 6

Fritz came over to play, so the kids rode bikes over to Peak to Peak. I came along on foot.

Fritz, Phoebe, and Benjamin heading over to Peak to Peak on their bikes.

January 13

The kids and I love to run the Oatmeal Festival race in January, followed by eating Oatmeal at Pioneer Elementary and stopping by what used to be a health fair. (This year it was a ninja warrior course, but we got there too late to participate, probably due to all the whining and walking during the run.) Fritz came along, and we met my friend Karen Maye there, as we’ve done for a few years now. Dave doesn’t like running or oatmeal, so he sits this one out.

Finishing up the 5K race at the Oatmeal Festival.
Phoebe didn’t want her photo taken.
Karen and the kids after the run.
All of us after the run.
We had a great time!
Oatmeal, berries, orange juice.
Karen with her bowl of breakfast.

January 15

Wrapped up after a bath.

January 19

We were delighted to have my parents fly out from Ohio to accompany us on our annual trek to the Ouray Ice Festival. We rented a condo and made a vacation out of it, visiting the hot springs twice, Mouse’s Chocolates several times, and the Outlaw Steakhouse once. The kids got to spend some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa (not least in the rental car; it’s a 7–8 hour drive with a big group), and Dave and I got to climb on one perfect sunny day. Phoebe tried climbing for the first time, too; we were so proud of her for being brave! They didn’t have any boots and crampons available, so she climbed a snow slope in her snow boots, using ice axes to steady herself. Pretty cool!

In the condo in Ouray, wearing his new shirt from Renee’s trip to Cancun.
Dave getting set up at the top of the gorge.
A beautiful sunny day; no wonder the flamingo is so comfortable!
Our rope and climb.
Looking down the gorge.
Dave starts messing around on a mixed climb with a new acquaintance belaying.
Looking good!
Phoebe getting fitted for a harness.
Phoebe heading up a steep snow slope.
Swinging her ice axe.
Benjamin watching Phoebe climb.
A broader view of Phoebe’s climb.

Ice carving in Ouray.
Grandpa reading to the kids.
Almost to the top of the rock climb.
The whole mixed competition route.
Having a drink at Mouse’s.
Espresso whipped cream. Worth driving six hours.
Stirring his hot chocolate.
Climbing the top of the elite mixed competition route.
The vendor tents across the gorge with the viewing platform in the foreground.
Concentrating on the competition.
A wide view of the tents and gorge.
Nearing the top!
That’s a crazy move!
Reading on one of the beds in the condo.

January 24

I’ve been patiently watering this pink orchid at work, wondering why it wasn’t happy enough to bloom, when my other orchid blooms almost continually. I idly wondered this for months before one day looking up and noticing that it had several blooms! Somehow it had grown a new shoot and budded without me noticing.

An orchid I rescued from King Soopers.
My two orchids together.

January 24

Phoebe and her friend Rebecca completed this puzzle at Take-A-Break.

January 28

Phoebe and I went to see Annie at the Boulder Dinner Theater with her friend Julia Philpott, Julia’s mom Kate and sister Audrey, and their girl scout troop. It was very fun to go to a show together!

Phoebe and Julia before watching Annie at the Boulder Dinner Theater.

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