May 2018

May 1

Spring in Colorado.

May 5

Benjamin trimming new growth in the Canada clump-form cherry.
Phoebe using the loppers.

May 6

As you know, Phoebe and I have been taking piano lessons from Walton Lott, the accompanist at church. He’s an amazing pianist, and he’s been challenging us to learn some music theory along with playing the music on the keyboard.

Our piano teacher, Walt, on Sunday morning.

The first third of life committe, of which I’m the chairwoman, planned a youth Sunday. It went really well! The kids did a great job, and the adults really enjoyed having them as part of the worship service.

Sophie, Sarah, Julia, and Phoebe greet parishoners.
Alyssa holds the door.
Benjamin dressed all in blue for his big debut as a concierge!
The children and Amelia leading worship.
Bill Renfer, our nonagenarian, still singing in the choir.
The choir and the altar cloth (made by the children out of paper) on Youth Sunday.
Last song…with instruments!
Ben Wirth was the cross bearer.
The big boys messing around in the back of the sanctuary.
We have new babies!
All the kiddos. First row: Sophia, Benjamin, Sarah. Second row: Annika, Audrey, Julia, Phoebe, Alyssa, Thomas, John. Third row: Ella, Maggie, Ben, Sienna
Climbing the chain web at Peak to Peak.
Having a drink after good work on youth Sunday.
Benjamin loves chocolate milk.
Definitely worthy of a Band-Aid.

May 7

Benjamin is now enrolled in three therapies. Here he’s working with his physical therapist.

Working hard on the swing with Miss Lindsey.

May 11

Phoebe won an individual and team medal in the Noetic Math Contest!

Phoebe won two medals in the Noetic Math Contest!

Phoebe took a video of Benjamin’s first soccer practice:

Working on his soccer moves.

May 13

Even on Mother’s Day, the kids and I make our weekendly trek to the grocery store, but it enabled me to make a delicious beef stew.

I just liked the visual of Phoebe reading a book (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) on the back of the horse at the grocery store. Plus, they’re sharing!
Mother’s Day feast: beef stew and homemade challah.

May 18

Dave and I took the morning off work to enjoy first Phoebe’s second-grade class “Shelebration,” at which the kids acted out and recited Shel Silverstein poems from memory. Next, we watched Benjamin’s kindergarten carnival, which was a celebration of the end of the kindergarten year.


Rock ‘N Roll Band


Egg poem

Mirror poem

Kindergarten Carnival

Dressed up for his stint as a poodle. (Looks more like a rapper to me!)
Kindergarten portraits.
He must’ve been in his brown period.
There’s our little poodle!

Singing songs at the kindergarten carnival.

Poodle tricks

May 19

Phoebe and I were invited to Gwen and Bill Wharton’s house to watch the royal wedding with other church friends. We had to be there at 4 a.m., so we climbed out of bed and dr

Stretching during the royal weddingove into Boulder in the middle of the night. It was a great bonding experience—I think we’ll both remember it forever. And what a lovely wedding! Just as the eclipse turned us into eclipse chasers, this might’ve turned us into royal wedding junkies.
Jess, Phoebe, and Big Lion watching the royal wedding.
A scone and a digestive—fond reminders of England!
A few royal watchers: Gwen, her friend, Patricia, Elain, Phoebe, Tina, and Terry
Really cool Flatiron tiles in the Whartons’ bathroom!
This painting was in the bathroom too. I just love it.
Starting to wear out.
The inevitable consequence of the morning festivities!

Later that day, the kids and I joined the Gawenus family for Lafayette’s first Ninja Warrior festival. A Ninja Warrior gym just opened next to XTreme Altitude, the gymnastics facility. Lafayette is such a cool town! It was freezing that day.

Benjamin on the kiddo obstacle course.
Phoebe partway through the ninja warrior course.
Handling the web with no problem.
Crossing over to the Swiss cheese.
Scrambling as high as she can on the warped wall.

During Dave’s last performance of Gypsy with the Longmont Theater Company, he took a time-lapse video of all of his instrument changes.

May 20

After Dave’s Longmont Concert Band concert, he played in a saxophone quartet.

Saxophone quartet after the Longmont Concert Band concert.
Handsomest tenor player!

I caught only a few seconds on video:

May 21

This is Benjamin working with his occupational therapist. Mat man teaches kids to draw a body so they don’t draw arms and legs coming out of a head.

Drawing mat man.
Building mat man with Miss Brittany.

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