January 2019

The Lafayette Oatmeal Festival, which was called off by Quaker Oats but re-negotiated by some folks in Lafaytte, was January 12. Dave dislikes both oatmeal and running, so he stays away, but the kids and I love the festival, and we’ve been joining up with my friend Karen Maye for a few years now. This year (like last), Phoebe’s friend Fritz came along. It was the day after the first real snowfall of the year and pretty cold, so we bundled up. Karen brought one of her dogs, Biscuit, and Benjamin couldn’t have been more delighted. All three kids ran quite a bit, and we filled up on oatmeal (so many toppings!), oatmeal muffins, and oatcakes.

Playing in the music garden before the race.
Fritz, Jess, Phoebe, and Benjamin are ready to run!
Bell choir playing rock music along the path.
Karen pats Biscuit.
Biscuit gets a good sniff.
The boys eating breakfast at the Oatmeal Festival.
Great photo of Phoebe and Karen!
Fritz has a yellow tongue.
Benjamin sticks his out too.
Fuzzy, but our times are in there. We were in the 44-minute range this year!

January 13

It’s a small group for Sunday school, but the kids always enjoy it.

Sunday school.

January 18

Phoebe and Benjamin doing push-ups in the living room.

Kids doing push-ups.
Watch us!

Phoebe decided to read to Benjamin, as she occasionally does.

Phoebe is reading The Library to Benjamin.

January 19

It’s almost always lovely to run in Colorado, even when the trail is full of snow.

Midway on a snowy run.
Pretty nice view!

January 20

Phoebe brought this home in her backpack.

No wonder Phoebe doesn’t want to cut her hair!

January 21

Came across this beautiful dead owl outside my office building. It looked so peaceful, with no visible damage, though it probably ran into a window.

Here’s a photo from one of Phoebe’s gymnastics classes.

Phoebe’s taking a tumbling class.

January 23

Phoebe invited us to the third-grade learning fair, and of course we were delighted to watch her sing songs and show off some of the work she’s been doing this year in class. She’s very interested in Greek mythology, so she’s been writing many reports about that, and she and a team of other students put together a news video on the state of Utah.

Here’s a snippet of a pretty one called “Winter Walk.”

Phoebe practiced and practiced to learn “Fifty Nifty United States.” She got to be one of the announcers, too.

Third-graders waiting for the concert to start.
Phoebe singing with the third graders at the learning fair.
Dancing to “Cotton-Eyed Joe.”

Here are the things Phoebe loves—glad family is included!
Well, there you have it.

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