Backpacking in Rocky Mountain National Park, by Phoebe

We went up on the Friday After the 4th  of July directly after breakfast. By the time we got to Estes Park it was lunch time I had a mini pizza and so did Ben. Mom had a club sandwich with sweet potato fries and dad had a burger. Then we drove to the parks pass box office and then on Trail Ridge road until we got to Onahu creek trail head. We got on our packs and sunscreened then hit the trail the whole time it was very mosquito-y so we tried to move quickly. When we got to the campsite we realized it was no better so we had to were jackets all the time so we didn’t get bitten. Me and Ben helped set up the tent then we made and eat dinner fast and got in the tent to play games away from the bugs. The next morning we eat a quick breakfast and tore down camp then got back on the trail. later we got back to the car and drove to find a different campsite. we ate dinner in town then came back to Meeker campsite and camped one more night. then in the morning we woke up tore down camp once more and came home to watch the woman’s soccer game signing off -Phoebe

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