May 2019

May 3

As I walked out of the rec center after swimming, I thought “I bet we have the prettiest view of any rec center in the country.”

May 4

Phoebe’s best friends wrote her this note to congratulate her for making the Battle of the Books team; they’re very mature third-graders!

Phoebe’s friends wrote her a note when she made the final Battle of the Books team.
Pint-sized sports fans!

The Battle of the Books competition was held at Monarch High School. It was high-pressure for the kids, but maybe even more for the parents! The kids had to confer silently because all the competing teams were in the same room, so we could see the questions, but not what the kids were answering.

Battle of the Books team before the start of competition.
Working hard on a question.
Ta-da! Finished the PJ Masks puzzle.

Phoebe’s 3rd-grade team from Lafayette Elementary ended up in a tiebreaker round with Ryan Elementary, another Lafayette school, so talk about drama! This time the teams had a spokesperson, who was the only one who could speak to give an answer. Lafayette won the tiebreaker and came in 2nd place overall for third graders!

During the tiebreaker round. High tension!
Lafayette Elementary wins the tiebreaker against fellow Lafayette elementary school Ryan!

May 6

Our amazing babysitter Alejandro invited us to his wedding, which happened to be at an event center just a couple of miles away in Lafayette. Dave was on a work trip to Canton, Ohio, so the kids and I went by ourselves. It was a lovely wedding, and we had a wonderful time! The woman he married, Sarah, has a big family, so she has a sister Phoebe’s age, and the two of them enjoyed each others’ company. The Mexican food was delicious, I had fun meeting some of Alejandro’s relatives, and Benjamin and I did some dancing.

I told Benjamin to stand at attention for this photo.
Now at attention, but smiling.
Alejandro works out some details before his wedding.
We clean up pretty well.
This is a great idea!
Beautiful stained glass in the reception hall.
Tie off, shirttails untucked…must be after the ceremony.
Benjamin found a chicken on our walk.
Showing Phoebe the chicken.
Dinner was delicious Mexican food, including cactus burritos.

May 8

I went to Benjamin’s school for an on-premises morning field trip with the kindergartners. Thorne Nature Experience came to talk about birds and habitats, and we walked around the grounds looking for birds and clues that birds might live nearby.

Hard to believe these are the daily discoveries in kindergarten!
Miss Renda instructs the kindergartners before the field trip.
Thorne Nature Experience workers tell the class what we’ll be looking for.
Benjamin’s kindergarten class.
Lying down next to the nest he built.
I spent the afternoon scrapbooking, and I made a good amount of progress.

Benjamin’s karate class

A valiant try at reading a hard book.

May 9

The Christmas cactus made this lovely bloom for Aunt Nancy’s birthday in early May.
Snow on Aunt Nancy’s birthday!

May 11

View at the high point of a run in early May.

May 16

Dave and I had to take the kids to our concert band rehearsal.

Babysitting fell through, and this is how I found the kids after rehearsal.

May 17

Benjamin’s kindergarten circus was held in the morning at Sanchez. It was even more adorable than last year! He was an elephant.

Elephants crossing the stage.
Benjamin’s red shoes look pretty fly with his elephant costume.
Following the trainer’s directions.
Benjamin is on the left in the red shoes.
The musical portion of the evening.
Hanging out at the edge while the other kids do the motions.
Well, he’s participating at last!

It was a busy day; Xtreme Altitude also held an evening gymnastics show that Phoebe participated in.

Getting ready to do cartwheels at the gymnastics show.
Staying on the line pretty well.
Phoebe is upside down on the bar.
Balance beam exercise.
Everyone won a trophy and got to stand on the podium.

May 18

Grandma sent a box of books; Phoebe sat right down to start reading.

Benjamin had karate testing; each kid has to go up alone and show the form he or she has learned. It could be scary, but Benjamin always takes on the challenge with aplomb.

Benjamin’s certificate and new belt. The kids test once every two months.
Orange stripe!

May 21

Pretty decent snow for May 21!

May 22

The mountains on my way to work.

May 24

More karate photos. It’s so fun to watch!

Benjamin is learning how to punch the target.
A small class that day—just Benjamin, Hersh, and Sensei Milliken.

May 25

First camping trip of the season over Memorial Day weekend. We went out to Fruita, in the desert, so we could be sure it would be warm enough. We brought our bikes, and Dave and I were looking forward to mountain biking on Fruita’s awesome trails. BK (before kids) we used to go several times a year. This time, the biking was a highlight for me, but I think the kids were more excited about the icee shack in town.

Colorado National Monument.
Dave is cooking breakfast while the kids read.
Poster in the bathroom at Over the Edge Sports in Fruita, CO.

May 26

It was a hard run, but the scenery was worth it!
The formations called the coke ovens.
The desert in bloom.

Phoebe and I rode Rustler’s Loop, which is an easy mountain bike loop with interpretive signs that teach you how to deal with things like sand or rocks while you’re biking. She made all kinds of good decisions—good lines, good power when she needed it pedaling—but she moaned loudly the whole time, and it took us about 2 hours to go 4 miles!

The Colorado River.
Phoebe on our longest water break.
Reading the sport beans package.
It was a long few miles, and she did great, despite moaning loudly throughout.

May 27

In the coffee shop, still in pajamas and a little dazed.
Phoebe took this photo of the setting sun.

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