June 2019

June 1

Phoebe squeezed into an old Halloween costume for the Festival of Faerie.
Coloring is more fun than wandering around.
I don’t know how he got hold of my phone, but he took a few dozen selfies!
I actually like this one a lot.

June 2

It was his idea to put his swimsuit on and spray himself with the hose.

We went biking over at Peak to Peak. Benjamin did a great job on his upsized Strider. (Dave took the pedals and crank arms off Phoebe’s old bike.)

Taking a break from riding his bike.

June 3

This was frankly astonishing!

A page from an old book about cars.

June 6

The kids came home from Take-A-Break having discovered the joys of hair chalk.

Benjamin does some art with colorful hair, thanks to hair chalk.

June 8

One of several hailstorms this summer.

June 9

Take-A-Break has scooter days in the summer, so the kids asked for scooters. We tested them out in the parking lot at Peak to Peak.

The kids needed scooters for scooter days at Take-A-Break. Phoebe’s has a kickstand!
Benjamin chose a Spider Man scooter.

June 10

Each summer Phoebe takes golf lessons.

Putting practice.

June 11

June 12

Check out that form!
The kids love to hit balls off a tee.
Miss Missy demonstrates club length.
A swing with no elephant belly.

June 20

ALA Annual was in Washington DC this year.

Flying out to DC on a beautiful Denver morning.

June 21

Setting up.

My friend and author Nichole decided to go on a cruise with her extended family and sent me her tickets to the Coretta Scott King Awards 50th Anniversary Celebration. My friend and colleague Kristen and I had a banner evening!

Kristen looks like she’s thinking hard.

We stepped outside and happened on the wienermobile!
The Library of Congress Jefferson wing with fancy lighting.
Gilded lettering, “The Library of Congress.”
What a stunning room!
Me on the steps heading up to the reception.
The Capitol with the Washington Monument from the Library of Congress as the sun was setting.
Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden has her photo taken with adoring fans.
Pisces artwork in the floor. Looks kind of like an elephant dolphin to me.
A Gutenberg Bible.
Selfie to show the headband Mom gave me and I actually found a place to wear!

June 22

Black Panther quilt up for auction.
St. Patrick’s.
Lovely ediface.

June 23

I got up early for a run. Pretty cool to see so many famous landmarks within five miles or so!

The Department of the Treasury.

Washington Monument under the moon.
Simon Bolivar statue.
Department of the Interior.
Federal Reserve.
The National Mall. I loved that a woman was reading on the steps in the early morning.
Lincoln Memorial.
The Gettysburg Address carved into the stone wall.
Volunteers washing the Vietnam Memorial.
Each time I’ve seen this memorial, it’s moved me.
National Academy of Sciences.
Pan American Union building.
Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building.
The White House, of course.
I forgot there are cardinals out east!
Beautiful stained glass only enhanced by the rainbow flag.
Our booth was right on this astroturf park with a little house. Musicians played on the porch.

June 24

The end of a terrific trip!

We took off in the dark heading west, and the sun re-set!

June 25

The kids were taking swim lessons.

June 26

Bike to Work Day didn’t go as planned this year.

Blew a tube and could never get it fixed, even with patches and a spare.

June 29

Out for a morning run along the Coal Creek path.

Interpretive sign on my Saturday morning run.
Mama and baby eating the nice grass on my side of the fence.

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