Catching Up

The most recent exciting event in the Gribble household was Halloween, which I’ll tackle in my next post. But let me start by sharing the good news that Benjamin now weighs 8 pounds, 2 ounces: almost exactly what Phoebe weighed when she was born. He’s been eating well and growing up! Here’s a photo from October 24, when he was four weeks old.

Wearing Phoebe’s “coming home from the hospital” pajamas.

On October 25, we had our first real snow of the season. We got about 4 inches—of course it melted away within days.

Phoebe checks out the first snow.
I had to scrape the snow and ice off Luna two days in a row!

When it snows and you’re home all day, it’s time to do some baking! I remembered that I had a package of yeast, so I decided to make some bread. (We’re rarely home long enough to bake something that has to rise.)

A Challah bread that turned out beautifully.

It’s a good thing Benjamin and Phoebe don’t look anything alike, or these photos would look like repeats from when Miss P was an infant!

Awake under the jungle gym.

Aunts Heidi and Erika sent Benjamin an adorable motorcycle sweater. Now I just need a sidecar for the kiddos!

Relaxing on the Boppy in a big-boy outfit.
October 26 close-up.

If I ever found Dave sleeping like this, I’d think he was possessed!

Crazy baby-sleep hands.