August 2019

August 1

I went out for an early run and stumbled on a deer that didn’t mind me being there at all.

This deer didn’t mind me running past at all.

My leg a day after stepping in sawgrass by Matt and Erin’s lake.

August 3

Taking Sadie down to the lake.
Those shirts can only be bought by members!
Little Lake Buckhorners.
Now the silly one!
Grownups. We’ve known each other for a long time!
Too bad the smeary window is in between us and the amazing sunset on the way home from the airport.
Benjamin actually fell asleep with his hand on his water bottle.

August 5

Benjamin took an evening golf lesson at the Broadlands course where Phoebe takes lessons every summer.

Kids practicing their putting.
Kids practicing their putting.
Well, he’s bent down nice and low.

Trying it on his own.
See the ball in the air?
Miss Missy working with Benjamin to put his ball on the tee.

Dave had to pack for a two-week work trip to China, so we tucked a few things into his suitcase.

I love this one.
The Pokemon card Phoebe made for Dave.

August 6

Phoebe took a final four days of golf for the summer.

Look at her hair in the sunshine!
Not so sure about that swing.
Kids lined up on the driving range.
Mr. Chris reminds her to keep her head down.
There’s a golf ball in her shadow.
Nice swing!
Keep your head down!
But she doesn’t like having her picture taken.
She always enjoys golf lessons.
Her usual scowl.

August 8

We cat-sit for Brenda and Michael’s trip to Maryland.

Big helper, bringing the trash can back!

August 9

The kids practiced every other Monday all summer for a talent show at Take-A-Break. Phoebe and several of her cohort refused to do it, but Benjamin played along.

The kids singing a song about being all they can be or something like that.
Benjamin’s sign says “My dream is to become a basketball player.”
He’s actually doing some motions!

August 10

I had no idea we were having a helium shortage!

August 11

I never liked harp music much until I heard John McColley play.

August 13

This was right over our house; that’s our neighbor Pam’s tree in the corner!
We could even see the fire from the burners.

August 14

Benjamin was SO excited to start first grade; he woke up in the middle of the night, all ready to go!

First day of first grade! He’s carrying some school supplies. Everyone lined up outside the front door just for the first day.
In his new classroom. His teacher is Mrs. Turcotte.
Traffic light sandwich I copied from a book. Alas, he didn’t eat it.
While Dave was in China, I re-painted our upstairs bathroom. This is after a coat of primer that Phoebe helped me with.

August 15

I can’t help but photograph every bloom the night-blooming cereus produces!

August 16

Phoebe’s school started a few days after Benjamin’s because of summer construction, but she got to go meet her teacher on Friday before her school started on Monday. She had taken an after-school class with Mrs. Watson last year, so they already knew one another a bit.

Phoebe’s day 1 schedule in Mrs. Watson’s class.

August 17

We took our annual camping trip to Hermit Park (near Estes Park) with the Wilensky and Berzanskis family, including Andrew’s parents. It was a great weekend. The kids climbed a tree, rode bikes, and played in the tents. We went to a talk about bears Saturday evening and on a short hike (2 miles round trip) on Sunday morning. Dave got back from China on Saturday and went home to sleep, so we didn’t see him till we arrived home on Sunday afternoon.

Phoebe and Tilley reading during breakfast.
Benjamin wasn’t afraid of the climbing tree!
He got pretty high!
Having a fun camping trip.
Phoebe, Whit, and Tilley.

August 18

Our campsite at Hermit Park.
That’s our picnic table. It was weird to camp without Dave, but we had a nice trip.
The kids helped Andrew clean out their tent.
Benjamin calls Milam “the guy with curly hair.”
Cheryl and Andrew with Peter in the background.
Our campsite all cleaned up.
We were H15. The kids brought bikes.
The boys: Benjamin, Whit, and Milam.
Peter and Cheryl.
Tilley and Phoebe.
Heading out on a shortish hike.
Benjamin climbed up this rock.
Milam, Whit, Tilley, and Phoebe went much higher!

August 19

First day of 4th grade!

August 20

Dave at dinner a day or so after he returned from Nanjing.

August 22

I pass this bush on my way to work every morning. It’s so beautiful!
Up close.

I went over to Sanchez to meet with the new principal, Joel Rivera, about the reorganization of the kindergarten classes (they lost a teacher to kindergarten and had to combine two classes into three, but there are still only 21 kids in Benjamin’s class.)

Benjamin’s class’s book buckets.

Benjamin’s class schedule.

August 23

Sunrise at Peak to Peak.

We went on our annual camping trip with the Gawenuses, this time to South Meadows Campground near Woodland Park. It was a great campground, and it was 2 miles away from Manitou Park Lake with a bike path connecting them. We had a really nice ride on Saturday—I pulled Benjamin on the Tagalong—and on Sunday I ran back to the lake in the morning. Once again, no Dave; he was in Pittsburgh for work.

Ready to sleep in his woobie with his blankie.
Reading Harry Potter before bed.
I’m reading How to Hide an Empire.

August 24

Scootering in pajamas.
The Gawenus’s campsite.
Our campsite and picnic table. Another camping trip without Dave, who was in Pittsburgh. Again, we had a great weekend, even though we missed him.
Silly guy. (He’s drinking hot chocolate from that mug, which I used almost every day at Wittenberg. And yes, we’ve had it for more than 20 years.)
Kevin and Benjamin working on Rubik’s cubes.
Lisa cooking breakfast.
Photo of Kokopelli for Dave, who loves him.
Who looks weirder, Benjamin or me?
Saturday night campfire.

August 25

We all loved this long bridge!
Sunrise over Manitou Lake.
Benjamin didn’t like the music in the car, so he improvised.
Phoebe had a movie and pizza play date, and Dave was in Pittsburgh, so I let Benjamin pick a dinner spot. He chose McDonald’s, but he didn’t like his hamburger. My chicken sandwich tasted just like it did when Jennifer and I used to go before confirmation class!
See him in the train car?

August 26

Phoebe doing gymnastics.

Stretch it out, ladies!
Phoebe bouncing on the springboard to get onto the mat.

August 28

Our piano teacher, Walt, who has been Mount Calvary’s accompanist for a couple of years, gave some summer concerts. This was his last one.

Walt explaining something to his adoring audience.
The program for Walt’s last summer concert at Mount Calvary. The last piece was a rag he wrote himself.

August 29

Back to School Night barbecue at Benjamin’s school, Alicia Sanchez International Elementary School. The teachers give a talk about what the classroom time is like, and then the Rotary Club cooks us hotdogs and we enjoy a potluck.

Benjamin played basketball with Harper’s grandpa.
Phoebe’s old enough to have biked home, made ramen noodles on the stove, packed them up, put them in her bike basket, and come back to the school to eat them.
The tall guy is Joel Rivera, the new principal at Alicia Sanchez.
I bit the bullet and handed out PTA flyers on Back to School Night. Maybe we’ll get another body or two!

August 30

The city threw a dinner party for people who volunteered on a city board or commission during the year. I’m on the library board, so the kids and I went to Isabelle Farm for dinner and icees.

This Asian corn was delicious. Or maybe it was Mexican? It came from the Ginger Pig food truck.
The invitation for this event said there’d be “games for kids of all ages,” but these foam bats for whacking were all that was available.
This big boy was really nice to Benjamin.
You can barely see the 16-year-old fiddler in the back, but he was terrific! (So was the rest of the band.)
This band was pretty fun at the thank-you dinner for people who serve on a city committee.

August 31

We went to the library in the afternoon.

Okay, that’s a clever use for the chairs!
I love to see a kid spotting words in comfort at the library!

In the evening, we went to play at Sanchez; here Benjamin is scootering home. He’s getting pretty good at gliding!

July 2019

July 3

Karate class.

July 10

Phoebe and I took Fritz with us to a Face Vocal Band concert at Red Rocks. We love to see Face together, and Phoebe was impressed with Red Rocks. She and Fritz spent a good amount of time running up and down the stairs. It’s a great place to take a kid who can’t sit still through more than one song (Fritz). Phoebe eventually got sleepy, and she even sat on my lap for a little while—that hasn’t happened in a long time! I had forgotten how much time the opening bands take; we got there at 5:30 and sat through at least 2 hours of opening acts. It was worth it, though; the weather was perfect, and the concert included all the adorable things about Face: Cody rapping, Forest dropping his voice into the basement, Stephen plugging the Face Musical Academy. They brought 300 singers from their academy up on stage with them for a couple of songs, which was really cool.

Red Rocks by day.

Fritz giving Phoebe his black licorice.
Denver off in the distance.
Up at the top of the ampitheater.
Here they come!
Red Rocks shows in my dad’s birth year.
And my mom’s.
A bit more is happening in Dave’s year!
And mine too.
Love Stallion, a local glam band, was the third opener for Face.
Fritz was kind of bored most of the time.
Listening to one of the loud opening bands.
Selfie at Red Rocks.
The sun is starting to go down.
You can see one star center left. What a gorgeous night!

July 11

Karate class.

July 12

Emily and I gave Benjamin and Sarah first communion classes on Friday night during dinner at the Brinkmans’ house. It’s lovely to reach milestones with old, dear friends.

Benjamin hanging out with Moose Brinkman.
Phoebe went to town with the magnaforms.

July 13

Benjamin tested at karate in the morning.

Benjamin testing his Water Style, Level 2 form. Block.
Sitting like black belts with their eyes closed (most of them).
They were supposed to keep their eyes closed while being tickled.
Benjamin is at rest position waiting for his certificate and new belt.
Facing the parents.
Hugging Daddy.
Hugging Mommy.
He’s a purple stripe!

Then the kids and I met an author of mine and his family at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We were able to check out 7 tickets from the Lafayette Public Library! We had a lovely time catching up; they live in Rhode Island, and my author’s daughter was playing a soccer tournament in Colorado.

Antlers in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
Really cool dragon art.
View of Denver from the second floor.
Gem carvings based on Russian folktales. I thought this was the coolest exhibit ever!
New Pokemon hat.

July 14

After a Sunday morning run.

Phoebe read the lesson at church in the morning and Benjamin and Sarah Brinkman took their first communion!

Children’s time.
Benjamin is enamored of Naomi. He’s always loved babies and animals!
Handing Sarah her new Bible.
Look at that grin.
The happy communion-takers.
A little silly!
Even sillier!
That’s the silliest.
Gribbles and Brinkmans.

Church bought a cake to celebrate their first Holy Communion.

Speaking of milestones, after church we drove Phoebe up to Sky Ranch for her first week of sleep-away camp! Obviously, we don’t have any photos of that week except this one we took of her back as we drove away. Being Phoebe, she didn’t even wave goodbye; she was already settling in.

Driving away from Sky Ranch where Phoebe was beginning her first week of sleep-away church camp. Just getting a last glimpse!

July 16

Loud rain! It was a very wet first half of the summer.

July 20

Benjamin fell in love with this big Rubble at Barnes & Noble.

July 22

Phoebe at gymnastics class.

Phoebe walking along the beam.
That’s Phoebe dismounting from the beam.

July 24

I pass an alpaca farm when I ride my bike to work. I love living half in town and half in the country!

They’re cute!
I pass these alpacas when I ride my bike to work.

In the evening, we met Elaina’s sister Laura and her kids, Logan and Leah, at a marching band competition. It’s always fun to catch up with them, and Logan has always been great with Benjamin.

They made friends right away.
It rained all around us, but the competition stayed dry.
Phoebe, Leah, Benjamin, and Logan.
Marching band competition.
Laura and me.
Benjamin had so much fun with Logan!

July 27

We flew out to Ohio for our annual vacation with the Otts. It was our year to visit their lake house, which means a very relaxing week. We spent most of it at the house; Dave and Lee went into town once, and so did Jennifer and I. Mostly we swam, boated, tubed, and ate. We did get a chance to see Matt and Erin’s new farm, which is just an hour and fifteen minutes from Lake Buckhorn. We got to spend a little time with my parents in Sagamore Hills, too. Benjamin really loves basketball, and he couldn’t wait to play with his funny grandpa.

Heading to Grandpa’s car.
Conferring on the strategy.
Maybe a little on the low side.
Switching to soccer.
Go get ’em, kid.
Will it make it?
Grandpa goes for the underhanded throw.
Grandpa’s a pretty good shot.
Watching the ball approach the hoop.
He actually did a little better backwards.

July 28

We made it!

July 29

The dock and lake from the upstairs deck.
Afternoon with a book and a bottle of wine.

Benjamin and Kaitlynn played basketball.

July 30

Kaitlynn and Phoebe waiting for their timer.
They must’ve been watching a movie; no joysticks.
Making deviled eggs.
Benjamin discovered he loved jumping off the tube.
Dockside powwow.
Sadie was in and out checking on the little kids.
Benjamin doubles up with the donut and life jacket.
Jennifer relaxes in the “mom zone.”

Phoebe and Kaitlynn made deviled eggs.

July 31

Phoebe and I got up early (6:30 a.m.) to go on our biannual kayak trip to the beach/dock on the dam side of the lake.

Here’s mine.
She wouldn’t pose with me for a selfie, so I took two separate photos.
Almost ready!
The perfect morning for a kayaking trip.
She got in with no trouble, and the water was warmer than the air.
Starting out on our morning kayak trip around 6:45 a.m.
Look at that water, shiny and lovely.
Selfie in the kayak.
Taking a rest.
Phoebe ahead of me on the way to the beach.
We do the same trip every time; one of these years, Phoebe will be stronger than I am!
Heading over to the beach.
A misty morning; we got lucky.
The dock and the back of the lake house.
After my semi-annual morning kayaking trip with Phoebe. She went inside, and I went around the other side of the lake.

We got to Matt and Erin’s in time for lunch and spent a couple of happy hours in their lake.

Fuzzy sheep.
Sheep on the move.
Matt tries to entice a sheep over while the rest of us look terribly out of place.
Must be a good day: beer and sunscreen.
They’re pretty cute.
It was a hot day, so the sheep were in the shade under the trailer.
The rear end of a chicken.
The little kids.
Phoebe looks slightly disgusted.
Alexander has one too.
Not such a bad life in this spacious coop.
Benjamin with his egg.

Wool carding in the garage.
Lee caught a fish and promptly got its scales caught in his tee-shirt.
See Benjamin’s little hand reaching up for the fish (blue watch)?
Tossing a fish into the box.
Benjamin and Mommy hanging out in the lake.
Not a capsized boat, just a few kids in a lake.
Swim over here, buddy!
It was a full-time job keeping track of Benjamin, who thought he didn’t need a minder when he had a life jacket on.
Jennifer and Matt.
Erin’s ready to get in the water.
The kids hooked all the rafts together and climbed on and off.
In the middle of Matt and Erin’s lake.

Backpacking in Rocky Mountain National Park, by Phoebe

We went up on the Friday After the 4th  of July directly after breakfast. By the time we got to Estes Park it was lunch time I had a mini pizza and so did Ben. Mom had a club sandwich with sweet potato fries and dad had a burger. Then we drove to the parks pass box office and then on Trail Ridge road until we got to Onahu creek trail head. We got on our packs and sunscreened then hit the trail the whole time it was very mosquito-y so we tried to move quickly. When we got to the campsite we realized it was no better so we had to were jackets all the time so we didn’t get bitten. Me and Ben helped set up the tent then we made and eat dinner fast and got in the tent to play games away from the bugs. The next morning we eat a quick breakfast and tore down camp then got back on the trail. later we got back to the car and drove to find a different campsite. we ate dinner in town then came back to Meeker campsite and camped one more night. then in the morning we woke up tore down camp once more and came home to watch the woman’s soccer game signing off -Phoebe

4th of July Weekend 2019

Phoebe mostly said it all in her post, but I have the pictures! For the long-winded version of our 4th of July weekend’s adventure (and the photos I know you’re looking for), please read on.

Independence Day was on a Thursday this year, and my work let us celebrate by being independent of it on Thursday and Friday. A 4-day weekend is a rare gift! Back in March or early April, when we were planning our summer far too late, we decided to try a backpacking trip this year, the kids’ first one. We reserved a site in Rocky Mountain National Park—the closest site to a trailhead we could find.

On Thursday, I went for my usual early-morning run and then picked Phoebe up for an additional mile. Dave went to work at the coffee shop in the morning, so the kids and I hung out at home until noon, when I took Phoebe to a promised mother-daughter lunch at our favorite ramen restaurant, Udon Kaisha. (Dave took Benjamin to Noodles.) She and I stopped by Sprouts to get trail mix for our hiking trip; we couldn’t believe how many varieties they have! We ended up choosing a different kind for each of us. When we met back up with Dave and Benjamin, who had stopped at REI to get a bear canister, the kids and I finished up our shopping for the trip at King Soopers. We had a late dinner of hamburgers, homemade French fries, and baked beans. (I would’ve liked potato salad, but fries are preferred in this group.) We left for the fireworks at about 8:30 and met up with the Wilensky Berzanskis family and Maggie’s mom and dad at Mount Calvary, where you can see the Folsom Field (CU) fireworks from the parking lot. Maybe because it had been raining, it wasn’t as crowded as usual. The kids played with glow bracelets we’d picked up at the Dollar Tree. The fireworks were a big hit, and they didn’t seem as long as usual, which was kind of nice. We were home by 10:30.

In the morning, as Phoebe said, we finished up our packing and drove up to Estes Park. It’s so easy to load up the car when everything is in 4 backpacks! We picked up our backpacking permit and parked in town for an early lunch. Then we drove over Trail Ridge Road to get to the west side of the park, where our trailhead was.

Driving over Trail Ridge Road.
Potty stop.
It’s a long way down!
Snow and glaciers.

We arrived at the Onahu Creek Trailhead around 3 in the afternoon. Our phones didn’t work, so I left mine in the car. We put on our backpacks and the kids each found a hiking stick. We were off!

Heading out on our hike. The kids had already picked up hiking sticks.

The trail was fairly steeply uphill in places, but for the most part it was gentle. There were plenty of flowers out, and we crossed the river a few times on fun bridges. Some folks coming down pointed out a couple of moose just off the trail, sitting down and munching lunch.

Columbine along the trail. Dave stopped to take some lovely photos.

Phoebe crossing the bridge.
It was a pretty warm day, so she rolled up her 3/4-length panda pants, the only ones she brought.
Benjamin getting ready to cross.
Dave often yelled “stop for a photo” and stage directed.
Moose just off the trail.
After a while, Benjamin didn’t carry his backpack anymore, but he hiked sturdily and without complaint all the way up.
Crossing the big fancy bridge.
Rushing river.

We weren’t paying too much attention to the time, but I think it took less than 2 hours to hike to our campsite. First we found the sign, then followed the trail to a nice flat site. Phoebe went exploring for a kitchen area; because of the threat of bears, we needed to cook 200 feet from our tent. She found a big rock that would work well. We quickly discovered that once we stopped moving, we were in a thick cloud of mosquitoes. We all put on our jackets (three of us were lucky to have hoods) and long pants, and Dave put up the tent so we could pop the kids inside. He and I cooked dinner while swatting frantically. The mosquitoes were so thick that when I flailed my arms, trying to create a bug-free bubble, I could feel my hands hitting mosquitoes every time I moved them.

We made it to the campground sign!

Okay, maybe Phoebe is ready to stop. I must’ve been squishing a mosquito on Benjamin’s head.
Last–and most narrow–bridge.
In his Woobie (sleeping bag) in the tent.
Phoebe started–and finished–Harry Potter #3 on our trip.

The most exciting thing that happened that evening was that Benjamin’s first loose tooth, which had been hanging on by a thread for what seemed like weeks, was ready to come out. I was afraid that he might swallow it in his sleep, so I gave him a paper towel and told him to wiggle it vigorously with the paper towel in his grip. He practiced some of the courage he’s been learning about in karate and twisted and yanked that tooth until it came out! He was terribly proud of himself for losing his first tooth, and he doesn’t even have to wait for the grown-up tooth to come in, because it came in behind and pushed the other one out. The tooth fairy managed to find him, even in the tent in the woods, and left him $2 and a very cute note.

First lost tooth!
The tooth fairy is definitely magic!

We managed to keep the mosquitoes out of the tent, so we went to bed after dinner and had a good night’s sleep. In the morning we discussed the possibilities; the kids weren’t going to be able to keep moving all day to escape the mosquitoes, and we couldn’t stay in the tent all day. It would be too hot after 10:30 or so. We decided to pack up and head out; Dave and I were kind of keen to complete the hike’s loop, but it would’ve been about twice as much hiking, and the kids didn’t think they could manage it, so we went back the way we came.

Reading in the tent in the morning.
Playing with Coco.
Showing off his dangerous animals cards.
Not such a bad life in the tent.
Dave is cleaning up.
In the woods.

Eating trail mix and getting a little weary.
Ready to cross the bridge.

Basically back to the car. Coconut (the monkey) is enjoying the view.
Phoebe hiked without complaint both ways and carried her backpack the whole time! (Including 2 books and a field guide to CO flowers.)
Pretty flowers along the trail.

We ended up stopping at Holzwarth Historic Site, which we’d seen on the way in. It was a dude ranch back in the early 1920s, and many of the buildings remain. The Holzwarths moved on after a while and opened Never Summer Ranch. We enjoyed imagining how hard it would be to get to a ranch in the middle of nowhere back then!

Thumbs up for the view at Holzwarth Historic Site.
“Is the water cold, Mom?”
Yes, his feet are soaked.
Cabins from the original dude ranch.

We drove back over Trail Ridge Road and stopped at a lovely overlook.

Still a lot of snow on the mountains!
Hey, a photo of the two of us! And we’re still wearing the same shirts we’ve been wearing for outdoor pursuits for more than a decade.
Coconut on the wall.
Benjamin next to the wall.
Unusually, she agreed to be photographed.
Panorama with really neat saturation.
That’s Boom Boom.

Dave had promised Benjamin that on the way home, we’d stop to play in the snow banked along the road.

Stopping to play in the snow.
We made snowballs to throw across the road.
Benjamin’s hand got cold pretty fast.
A herd of elk crossing the field.

We found a campsite at Meeker Campground on the Peak to Peak Highway, paid for our spot, and drove the half hour into Nederland to get dinner at the BBQ restaurant. We considered going straight home, but we ended up having enough energy to go back to the campground and stay overnight. We were all a little grumpy in the morning, ready to get home and watch the World Cup, but we felt a lot happier when a mama and baby moose walked straight through the campground!

Mama and baby moose in Meeker Campground.

It turned out to be a wonderful weekend. The kids were tough, we were all flexible, and we had no electronic devices to distract us. Just good old family togetherness. I’m already looking forward to our next backpacking trip! (I figure it’s only another 3 summers until the kids can out-hike me.)

June 2019

June 1

Phoebe squeezed into an old Halloween costume for the Festival of Faerie.
Coloring is more fun than wandering around.
I don’t know how he got hold of my phone, but he took a few dozen selfies!
I actually like this one a lot.

June 2

It was his idea to put his swimsuit on and spray himself with the hose.

We went biking over at Peak to Peak. Benjamin did a great job on his upsized Strider. (Dave took the pedals and crank arms off Phoebe’s old bike.)

Taking a break from riding his bike.

June 3

This was frankly astonishing!

A page from an old book about cars.

June 6

The kids came home from Take-A-Break having discovered the joys of hair chalk.

Benjamin does some art with colorful hair, thanks to hair chalk.

June 8

One of several hailstorms this summer.

June 9

Take-A-Break has scooter days in the summer, so the kids asked for scooters. We tested them out in the parking lot at Peak to Peak.

The kids needed scooters for scooter days at Take-A-Break. Phoebe’s has a kickstand!
Benjamin chose a Spider Man scooter.

June 10

Each summer Phoebe takes golf lessons.

Putting practice.

June 11

June 12

Check out that form!
The kids love to hit balls off a tee.
Miss Missy demonstrates club length.
A swing with no elephant belly.

June 20

ALA Annual was in Washington DC this year.

Flying out to DC on a beautiful Denver morning.

June 21

Setting up.

My friend and author Nichole decided to go on a cruise with her extended family and sent me her tickets to the Coretta Scott King Awards 50th Anniversary Celebration. My friend and colleague Kristen and I had a banner evening!

Kristen looks like she’s thinking hard.

We stepped outside and happened on the wienermobile!
The Library of Congress Jefferson wing with fancy lighting.
Gilded lettering, “The Library of Congress.”
What a stunning room!
Me on the steps heading up to the reception.
The Capitol with the Washington Monument from the Library of Congress as the sun was setting.
Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden has her photo taken with adoring fans.
Pisces artwork in the floor. Looks kind of like an elephant dolphin to me.
A Gutenberg Bible.
Selfie to show the headband Mom gave me and I actually found a place to wear!

June 22

Black Panther quilt up for auction.
St. Patrick’s.
Lovely ediface.

June 23

I got up early for a run. Pretty cool to see so many famous landmarks within five miles or so!

The Department of the Treasury.

Washington Monument under the moon.
Simon Bolivar statue.
Department of the Interior.
Federal Reserve.
The National Mall. I loved that a woman was reading on the steps in the early morning.
Lincoln Memorial.
The Gettysburg Address carved into the stone wall.
Volunteers washing the Vietnam Memorial.
Each time I’ve seen this memorial, it’s moved me.
National Academy of Sciences.
Pan American Union building.
Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building.
The White House, of course.
I forgot there are cardinals out east!
Beautiful stained glass only enhanced by the rainbow flag.
Our booth was right on this astroturf park with a little house. Musicians played on the porch.

June 24

The end of a terrific trip!

We took off in the dark heading west, and the sun re-set!

June 25

The kids were taking swim lessons.

June 26

Bike to Work Day didn’t go as planned this year.

Blew a tube and could never get it fixed, even with patches and a spare.

June 29

Out for a morning run along the Coal Creek path.

Interpretive sign on my Saturday morning run.
Mama and baby eating the nice grass on my side of the fence.